About Us

Who We Are?

Tulaisys Technologies is a lead generation company specializing in B2B lead generation, appointment setting and managing sales leads for major accounts in multiple industry sectors. Founded in June, 2016 by Rakesh Paliwal, Tulaisys Technologies is widely recognized as one of the “leading lights” of the lead generation industry.

Highlights of our lead generation programs include:

  • Completed over 1 lakhs  new business sales presentations for our clients.
  • Generated over 20 lakhs sales leads for our clients.
  • Created millions of dollars in new revenue for our clients.
Below are some of the many advantages of hiring us for lead generation services and managing your business leads:

6 years of experience managing sales leads

Ever since we were founded in 2016, we’ve been tackling the biggest challenges in B2B lead generation, lead management and B2B marketing. Whatever challenges you’re facing with lead generation or making more efficient conversions of your sales leads, chances are we’ve faced those challenges before (and overcome them).

Category-specific experience in managing sales leads

Our lead generation agents and sales representatives are not newcomers to the arena; we offer a talented, diverse, well-trained team of sales professionals who have specific expertise in your product category.

Experts in appointment setting

Lead generation is only the first part of the sales process; you can’t close deals if you don’t have a good system in place to build relationships with business leads and ensure efficient appointment setting. Our proprietary appointment setting process is the ideal complement for our clients’ complex B2B sales lead generation efforts. Our appointment setters deliver unmatched results in getting your sales people in front of decision makers.